Kauai Cave

On the June 1st eclipse, I found myself on Kauai, guiding a retreatant into a cave known as The Blue Room.  Someone had left this lovely offering down in the cave at the edge of the pool of water.  This sacred water deep in the rock of Mother Earth has many secrets to tell.  Eclipses are a wonderful time to delve gently into the dark, inner places to see what we might find.Turning to leave, we look up into the crescent of light, reflecting to us another image of the partial eclipse energy, a play of darkness and light.  As heat and fire burn some states, and floods wash over others, volcanoes erupt anew. Most of us are being challenged in one way or another.  Let us take a few moments to ask for a balancing of the fire and the water, and of the yin and the yang.Gaze into this wise and wonderful crystal from the Hindu Monastery on Kauai, and let him/her balance these energies within you.   Breathe and allow the harmony and light in this crystal to speak to you. Let this light enfold you, blazing away any fear or distress.  As we negotiate the rapids of eclipse & ascension energy on a wild ride, feel how you can dwell in the stillness that lies within You.

In Lak’ech*  -  Denine

(*Mayan greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.)


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  • Taj

    Hey Girl, You were on Island and didn’t call me:(
    Those flowers on the altar were fpossiblyrom me and a girlfriend- We did a sound ceremony there
    A couple of times in late May- New Moon, Full moon and Solstice this month!
    How are you? Missing you.Taj

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