Chilhowee Cherokee & Unified Field Alert

Outside my Maryville, TN home lies a view of Chilhowee Mountain.  At one end are ‘The Three Sisters’ and then the flank of Chilhowee tapers down past my home.  Some of the Cherokee Indians of this region once lived in a settlement called Chilhowee.  It now lies under the waters of Fontana Lake, created when a dam was put in.

Chilhowee Mountain

I have felt very specifically called from Maui to this place in Maryville, and the beautiful energy in these mountains soon made itself heard.  This message was given just after the Equinox:

 “We are the Cherokee people of Chilhowee.  We have always been here in time out of mind.  While the others marched away under the tyranny game guise, we remained.  We sank deep into the Earth, into the stones, into the depths of the Mountain Essence.  Now, we emerge to sit at the head of the table.  For there are now to be gatherings where all Hue-man Beings sit together, and pass a peace pipe.  The turning of the medicine wheel brings us to the end times of our game of perpetrator and victim. Wherever you dwell, wherever you go, now is the time to create Peace by Being the Peacekeeper.”

The Three Sisters

My guides have asked me to begin sending “Unified Field Alerts” to gather together in meditation with those who feel drawn, for the purpose of  grounding into the Crystalline Grid of Mother Earth to upload codes of energy, which have been downloaded from the higher dimensions into this grid.  Joining together in this way will allow us to more effectively draw these templates of highly vibrating energy through us for manifesting the same in our earthly reality.

The first Unified Field Alert is posted as a 20-minute meditation on U-Tube.  The name of it is:  Unified Field Meditation – Upload the Crystalline Grid.

In Lak’ech*   –   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)



3 comments to Chilhowee Cherokee & Unified Field Alert

  • Debbie Collings

    Hi Denine
    I just wanted to thank you so much for the heart warming and timely meditation on You tube.
    I feel very aligned with your energies and I got a huge burst of emotion as the meditation finished, awesome.
    My love pours forth to you, humanity and our beautiful planet….
    God Speed Debbie X

  • Thank you Debbie – As this is the 1st time I’ve put a meditation out on U-Tube, it is wonderful to have your feedback. Blessings! Denine

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