End of Days Essence


Yellow Goatsbeard

This yellow beauty called to me when I was out on a bike ride yesterday in my Maryville neighborhood:  I was surprised to see her blooming so late in the season, but several days of Indian Summer had brought her forth.  She asked to be made into a flower essence, and the nearby Chicory enthusiastically agreed to join in.  This is the 2nd in the “Unification of  Heart & Head Series”.  Yellow Goatsbeard had this to say of the support this combo brings:  “We provide a synergy of grounded clarity for the head and balanced empowerment for the heart, in service to the Divine.”

My guides further spoke of the new heart centeredness that we are coming into.  As the poles of Earth have shifted to a new point of balance, so our hearts are shifting as well, in order to meet up with the divine inpouring through the head.  Our hearts are literally moving physically from the left a little more towards center.  You may have been aware of this process for quite some time, and it can explain some of the heart-related “ascension symptoms” some people have experienced.

Take a few moments, or longer, to gaze into the faces of these flowers.  Let the yellow color enter into the 3rd chakra area….ask that it do so, and let the energy of the flower bring this center of your personal power into service of the divine mission in your heart.  When you feel complete with this, gaze upon the face of Chicory.  Let his periwinkle blue enter into the throat chakra and travel up through the face and into the 3rd Eye….let this blue cleanse you of negativity, that the divine inpouring of light coming down through your head can align your head with your heart….breathe this energy into your heart deeply.  Rest in this beautiful energy, and take it out with you: let it come out of your eyes as you appreciate Mother Earth, and in your smile, as you encounter another on the path.

Yellow Goatsbeard Seed Globe

Envision sending out that energy to the World, through your gaze, your smile, from your hands….see it drifting on the breeze like a the fairy seed from a Yellow Goatsbeard seed globe.  Tomorrow is the New Moon in Scorpio.  Imagine all our light seeds drifting through the dark night and finding their place of new creation on the dawn.

In Lak’ech*   –   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– This flower essence is named “End of Days Essence” in honor of the end of the Mayan Calender, coming up in 3 days.  Besides the Yellow Goatsbeard and Chicory, the essence was also infused with a golden-colored tourmaline and a blue agate, and so it carries a multitude of those crystalline gifts.  If you wish to work with a bottle of this essence directly, email me, and I will send you one.  ($15 includes postage)

 Want some more assistance with all this energy integration?  Email Denine at deninesavage@gmail.com for a phone session.  ($25 per 15-min block of time)  

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