Mighty Maple & Bear Medicine

        Red Maple Tree 

Today, I took a drive part way up the Foothills Parkway in Walland, TN, where leaves are starting to turn.  In the warm stillness, this Red Maple, White Pine and a young Oak lit up the mountain in the reflection of the late afternoon sun.

Sugar Maple

A little further along, we come to the Sugar Maple.  Sweet spring sap has receded, leaving a blaze of orange-red leaves.  As a flower essence, Maple is extremely balancing and centering.  As with all trees, it will also ground you.  Anytime you need grounding, just walk over to a tree and place your hand on its trunk.  Pause long enough to take several deep breaths, and you will feel the effect.  Notice how the roots feel spreading out beneath your feet.

Last week, I had the excitement of seeing my first TN Black Bear up in Cades Cove in the Great Smokies National Park.

Black Bear

He climbed the trunk and ran along the branches with such speed in his powerful, bear body, that he left me somewhat stunned!   Bear energy is a symbol of power and of awakening the power of the unconscious.  The sight of him now is very timely as the collective consciousness of humanity continues to wake up and struggle with the inbalance of power in the world.  Like me after my bear encounter, repositioning and coming back to center is necessary.  Where have we given away our power or used it inappropriately? Time to wield our power with integrity from a centered and grounded state….as you look at the lovely Maple leaves, let Maple Tree energy help you align with what this means for you.

In Lak’ech*   –   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

If you wish to work with Maple flower essence, there’s a good one at “Green Hope Farms” website.

– More great trees & leaves from the Foothills Parkway coming soon!


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  • Mary Lively Jamison

    Thanks for such a powerful double message. I love Red Maple and had a beautiful one in my Winston-Salem yard. Your picture brought back such wonderful memories. And Yes, the Black Bear! They used to scamper up trees on the UNC-W campus — more memories. Thank you for the pictures, the memories, the reminder to reposition and come back to center when necessary, and your powerful message about weilding our power with integrity from a centered, grounded state. I love you and am grateful for your continued presence and influence in my life. Mary

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