11-11-11 Crystalline Eng. Unified Field Alert

Arkansas Cluster Crystal

The 11-11-11 portal energies continue to arrive.  This particular trigger date carries very strong crystalline energies.  I have posted a new meditation for aligning with this energy on U-Tube, entitled:  “11-11-11 Crystalline Grid Unified Field Meditation”.  This 15-minute meditation will help you physically assimilate this wonderful inpouring of high energy and ground it.   I am receiving email asking “What’s with this particular date?”  We have had a number of these special “trigger dates”, and we will continue to have them as we go forward.  They are, in my opinion, an activation of higher vibrating energy in and on Gaia.  Furthermore, since all this energy doesn’t exactly relate to linear time, or the linear function of our minds, it is better to think of these gateways, triggers or portals, as not at a particular moment, but rather spreading out to cover a period of time.  Like the full moon, it has a so-called “exact moment, but the actual effects and experience of it spread out over time….Enjoy.

In Lak’ech*   –   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– The 11-11-11 U-Tube meditation can be done now, on 11-11-11 or after that date.  It is of particular benefit at this time for aligning your physical and energetic bodies to receive the benefits of this high, healing energy.  The energy that channeled in also will help repair rents in your electro-magnetic field, which my Guides have pointed out to be in need at this time.  You may wish to do it several times over these next days.

– Want to read more about the crystalline activation of 11-11-11?  Go to Tyberron’s Earthkeeper site.  11-11-11 will bring with it a very large activation of the crystals in the Arkansas deposit.  There will be an amplification of our communication abilities that comes with this, and I have used the cluster crystal pictured above in this Dose and in the U-Tube meditation for its close affiliation with those energies.

– For individual and personalized help with the assimilation of these energies, contact Denine for a phone session:  deninesavage@gmail.com


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