Enchanted Ice

Tremont woods & snow

Come on a winter walk with me into the woods.   Water has recently graced TN with all her forms ~ making new and interesting creations along the path.

ice in the mud

Like creatures we might find in the sea, hail & wet snow have risen up out of the wet Earth….like a little community of anenome.

snow & lichen

A little further on, the fairies have fashioned the snow like a lacy blanket over their lichen city.

Tremont, TN icicles

Walls of rock on the sides of the mountain have hung out their winter icicle fringe for us to admire.   As you gaze at these pictures for a few moments, let Water in her form of Ice inspire you ~ as you consider what new form you might wish to take at this time to harmonize more fully with the present set of conditions in your world….

In Lak’ech*   –   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– Coming Next:  a return to Hawaii Doses!  (Bodywork sessions in Maui with Denine are full. Contact me by email for sessions in TN or CT in February.)  

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