Star and Snow Drops

Madison, CT Snowdrops

During a break from work in CT this past week, I visited with these Snowdrops.  They push up, right through the snow if necessary, in late February, confident they will be met by the kiss of the Sun.  Let the sweet, creamy freshness of Snowdrop remind you that while conditions may not always seem to be ideal, we can receive all that is needed in our lives.

Maryville, TN Daffodil

Flying home in high winds last night, I was met this morning by lovely, sweet Daffodil, wearing her pretty yellow dress with such bright enthusiasm.    We are in a period of time where much is being washed and blown away….let the bright yellow of Daffodil infuse your 3rd chakra, lending strength to your foundation.

Maryville, TN Hyacinth

I was also given the surprise blessing of Purple Hyacinth, planted by some previous owner or tenant.  Her scent is intoxicating, her blossoms remind us of the stars and this purple speaks of deep passion with royal overtones.  Let this color wash all through you, cleansing, empowering and protecting your field of light.   As the water continues to flow and the winds to blow in these next weeks, let these 3 beauties sustain you and remind you of how much you are loved.

In Lak’ech*   –   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– Neptune moved into Pisces early in Feb, where he will preside powerfully for approximately 13 years.  You might want to go to  Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone and read in your free monthly horoscope which house Neptune is in for your sign.  This is a very powerful combo, and it can serve to have a “heads up” on what aspects of your life will be impacted by this energy.  And, just for the beauty of it all, go out right after sunset tonight and see Jupiter, Venus and the Moon lined up in a lovely line over the horizon.

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