Journey to Rainbow Falls

Sinks, Great Smoky Mtns, TN

Time to take a walk up Schoolhouse Road trail and off through the woods to the Sinks.  Stop to visit with the magical moss-covered rocks along the way.  The woods here are full of Nature Spirit friends.

White Violets, Great Smoky Mtns, TN

Sweet White Violets lay down a white carpet for you along the way.  You might mistake them for some of the butterflies, drinking from the forest floor.

Butterflies, Great Smoky Mtns, TN

Let these creamy butterflies remind you of the beauty following the process of transformation.

Rainbow Falls, Great Smokies, TN

Gaze up at the trees over the falls, and feel the high vibrations raining down on you.  What is transforming within you?  Let this high energy support it.

Rainbow Falls, Great Smokies, TN

Climb down a ways on the rocks….let the spray land on your face.  Have a seat for a few minutes, merge with the rainbow and see what message comes to you in this special place of communion with the elements and elementals.

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan Greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– I will be working in CT until April 9th.  Sessions are fully booked, but if you didn’t get one, I will be back in CT full-time as of June 1st.  In between, sessions are available in TN, and phone sessions are ongoing.

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