Cherokee Grand Cross

Cherokee National Forest, TN

Come up the mountain and look out over the ancient homeland of the Cherokee people.  Friday’s Full Moon in Libra with the Sun still in Aries is calling for new levels of balance between the male and female energies, and for forgiveness in deeper measure.  Surely there can be no better place to ask for ho’oponopono (making things right**) than gazing at this beloved land where a people were mercilessly driven out, in one of the great human dramas of the polarity story.

Trout Lily, Cherokee Forest, TN

Today’s walk in the Cherokee Forest is a sacred one dedicated to ho’oponopono and all people living in harmony.  Visit first with Trout Lily, coming up in a bed of Spring Beauties.  She is a fine model of male~female harmony and a balanced Center of Personal Power in the 3rd Chakra.  Following the Full Moon on Friday, we have a Grand Cross on Saturday, further pressing upon us to find balance in relationships.

Purple Wakerobin, TN

Wakerobin is our model of this Grand Cross and an inspiration to align in harmony with our Tribe from the heart.  As the energies right now pull us out into more expansion, keep your eye on Wakerobin to find the balance in the center on your way.

Buckeye Tree, TN

As we walk deeper into the Forest, the trees reflect to us a community living in harmony.  As you gaze upon this one , breathe in feminine energy balance…..

Cherokee Forest trees, TN

followed by breathing in male energy balance throughout your Being.

Buckeye Tree, TN

Our last station is with this strong wise One who has endured being struck by lightening ~ burned in the sacred fire, and still standing ~ a true model of male~female harmony.  Breathe in this strength and flexibility and feel it run right down into your root.  It will serve you well as we blast on through our evolution and ever deeper into 2012 with the April energies.

In Lak’ech*  –  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

**Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian practice of making things right.  It consists of 4 facets:  I am sorry; Please forgive me; Thank you; I love you.   


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