Earth Day 2012

Oak Tree, Maryville, TN

Earth Day is Sunday, 4/22/12.  Feel your feet rooting down into Mother Earth and your body rising up to the sky.  Stand tall and let your heart open wide, like this Oak Tree.  Feel how this Earth supports you and provides your every sustenance.

Baby Sea Turtle, Kauai, Hawaii

On this special day, let us say a prayer of thanksgiving for the beauty and magnificence of  our Earth’s Elements, and seek to find more ways this year to appreciate and restore our harmony with the elements and our  fellow creatures of this beautiful planet.

Cow, Townsend, TN

Each creature is precious and sacred, holding within them their own vibration of unconditional love.   Without any judgment, today is an excellent day to examine the choices you are making as a human inhabitant on Planet Earth: if you are still buying foods that are from corporate farms that use poisons, drugs and maintain inhumane practices, now is the time to make some new choices.  For our world to become more balanced and loving, each one of us is needed to consciously consider in our own hearts what is right, and what is loving kindness.

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan greeting: “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

EARTH DAY GIFT:  As your Earth Day present to the Planet, consider committing to one new positive change for the rest of 2012….(e.g.  use cloth bags at the groceries, omit plastics; recycle something you haven’t yet; bring your own cup to the coffee shop; if buying meat, buy humane-kill, free range, drug-free; buy organic; buy no GMO, buy local, etc.)   Small steps add up to big changes, especially as we make them together.

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