Mighty Sweet Magnolia

Magnolia Tree, Maryville College, TN

Made in these last days of April, 2012, from a ‘dinner plate’ Magnolia on an old tree at Maryville College in TN, this essence asked me to include some of the Mother Magnolia flower essence I made in the Iao Valley on Maui in May of 2011.

Magnolia blossom, Maui

Magnolia is traditionally an essence to support us in times of transition.  This particular One contains a balance of male and female energies and is in particular supporting us in moving through the intense ascension energies of 2012 —

Magnolia, Maryville, TN

A process that requires us to harmonize our male and female energies in preparation for a Inner Union.  Breathe in the sweet, heady smell of Magnolia as you gaze upon her/his magnificent face.  The flower had this to say:  “I AM balanced power for transitioning from the old to the new.  Be you departing a place, the body, or a state of mind, I will move with you in Divine Perfection.”

inner Magnolia, TN

Feel his/her nectar penetrate every particle of your Being…..Spend a moment to merge in love and gratitude as One with this powerfully sweet and loving flower.

Magnolia Bud, Maryville, TN

Know that you now hold this inside you as you continue on your journey of transformation.

In Lak’ech*   –  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– Want to work directly with this “Mighty Sweet Magnolia Flower Essence”?  Contact Denine to request:  $15 includes domestic postage.  PS – The flower is so sweet and strong, you can still smell the Magnolia in each bottle.  This is also a lovely ceremonial essence for Wesak, the Buddha Full Moon coming on May 6h.  Enjoy.

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