New Moon Spring

Townsend, TN back road

As we approach the New Moon in Taurus on Saturday and Earth Day on Sunday, come for a walk down a road less traveled.

Iris by abandoned home, Townsend, TN

We pass by an abandoned home sitting in a new green meadow with a riot of yellow Iris by the stream bed.  Like many of our old structures, it is slowly falling down.  What has fallen down, or is in the process of doing so, in our own lives?  Are we able to bless it all for the experience, and let it go?  On the powerful Taurus New Moon, we do not want to carry anything with us that is not calibrated for the new.  Let this sweet old house that has served its time and the new green of this meadow help you come into acceptance of all things passing and appreciation of the new births already underway or just around the corner.

Little River, Townsend, TN

Come sit on a tree stump on the bank of the Little River.  Contemplate what you would enjoy and align with as your New Moon creations.  The Taurus New Moon on Saturday, 4/21/12, teaches and supports us in feeling these new creations and experiencing them with the senses, in harmony with all that is. Earth Day is Sunday, 4/22/12, so include your dreams for our Earth.  Rest here in this beauty, and when complete, see these loving, new creations deeply grounding down through you and into the Crystalline Grid of Mother Gaia.  Then when you are ready, cross over the bridge with a prayer of appreciation, knowing that it is done.

swinging bridge, Townsend, TNÂ

So It Is.

In Lak’ech*   –   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– UNIFIED FIELD MEDITATION WITH DENINE AND MOTHER MARY CHANNELING THROUGH SAMARAH:  7 pm, Saturday, 4/21/12, Maryville, TN.  (Offering $22) Contact Denine to reserve a spot, or for a telephone conference number.

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