Princess Tree Essence

Princess Tree, Townsend, TN

Princess Tree is another ‘invasive species’ paradox:  pushing out native species, but bringing a precious gift.  Her lavender blooms stain a whole hillside in purple beauty on the way into the Great Smokies National Park through Townsend this week.  After the intense energies of March and the befuddlement of Mercury retrograde, we now are moving forward, but many of us find ourselves standing in some confusion on the other side of it all, not sure which direction to pursue.   Enter Princess Tree:  cloaked in her love, we can finish integrating all this energy and move forward in heart-centered clarity.

Take a deep breath of replenishment, and gaze at the fresh Princess Tree blossom on the right above.  Let her creamy white and lavender colors enter your field and move through you.  Notice where you feel her in your body ~ being….invite her sweet, loving energy to move through you, entering in where needed….take an extra moment to feel her in your liver (the area at the bottom of the right ribcage).  Place one hand over the liver area and the other hand over the heart.  Continue to breathe gently and deeply.  Invite yourself to receive her pure dose of self-esteem, for this is her gift of love to us.  Breathe this in until your own heart answers that you are complete:  aligned in the knowledge of your worth and with self-love emminating from your heart.

In Lak’ech*  –  Denine

*Mayan Greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”

~ PRINCESS TREE FLOWER ESSENCE:  provides energetic support to your field for uploading and maintaining self-love.  The liver is our major organ of self-esteem energy (or the frustration of the lack of it).  Perhaps our childhood story was one that did not fully augment this important energy.  Now, we are the only ones who can impart it to ourselves.  Once the liver is nourished with the proper energy of self-esteem, we can move toward flowing this energy up into the heart for heart-centered manifestations of our Soul-centered desires.  To work with the flower essence directly, contact Denine ($15 includes domestic postage).  To have a phone session for augmenting this energy, contact Denine ($25 per 15-min block of time).  

~ APRIL 21st:  Unified Field Meditation with Denine and channeling from Mother Mary through Samarah, 7:00 pm in Maryville, TN ($22 offering)  Contact Denine to reserve your place and to receive directions. 

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