Sage Andara Essence

Sage, Maryville, TN

I was asked to make a Sage flower essence from the beautiful blooms of the Sage plant in my Maryville, TN organic herb garden.  Sage flower essence is known to be a potent energetic ally of staying centered on your spiritual path. Her amazing blue color speaks directly to activation of the 3rd eye chakra.  She asked  me to place one of my andara crystals in the water, and has this to say:  “Beloveds, I AM a balm on your tired system of navigation.  You have journeyed far and withstood much turbulence.  I come now, in a harmonic with the Andara Crystal, to power up your deeper knowing of the way to your new creations.  If you will consult with me in the heart, all will be illuminated on the path.”

Andara Crystal

This Andara has channeled into the essence the deep stability and peaceful strength that is found here at my house in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.  (Right now, this ancient mountain range is one of the most stable places on Earth during these chaotic times of change.)  This particular andara, with his hues of red, orange and yellow, also ignite the 1st three chakras, and help to align them with Spirit.   Spend a few moments breathing in the colorful energy of Sage and Andara, and see what message they may have for you.

In Lak’ech*   ~   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– 6 days to the New Moon in Taurus and 7 days to Earth Day:  a perfect time to prepare and calibrate with new creations that are in line with your Spirit’s dreams and desires.  If you feel to work directly with this Sage Andara Essence, contact me, and I will send you a bottle. ($15 includes domestic postage)


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