TN Tribute

Great Smokies, Townsend, TN

I have had an amazing 9 months here in TN (the number of completion), and I leave here Memorial Day Weekend of 2012 to move my base camp up to CT.  I am especially grateful for the people I met here, so many of whom were incredibly gracious and welcoming to me, and for the sweetness of a place which completely surpasses words.

Buttercup Meadow, Walland, TN

Goodbye, for now, to the magical mountain vortexes and vistas…

Cades Cove Vortex

the waterfalls, rivers and brooks….

Spruce Flats Waterfall, TN

the ephemerals, and their attendant fairies….

Rue Anenome, Chestnut Tops Trail, TN

and a multitude of unexpected beauty and gifts met along the trail.

Bear off Cades Cove

I will be returning every few months to stay with gracious friends and spend time in the purity of this place…these ancient mountains that hold such a deep stability at a time of great chaos, in which to restore, recenter, rest and to play.  This is a place in which my heart will ever feel at home.  Thank you, and see you in September!

In Lak’ech*  –  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– I am booking bodywork appointments in CT from June 1st on.  Email me to schedule (50 mins: $110 or 80 mins: $165).  Sessions will be held at “Health Options” in Guilford for now.


6 comments to TN Tribute

  • Safe travels Denine.
    I have thourghly enjoyed this chapter.
    And excitley wait for the next.
    Love Carmel

  • Dear Sister mine..I feel your love and I know TN is the richer for having had you there to commune and share such travels and ease and grace with the behind you beauty above you beauty below you beauty around you..always…Love and hugs to you Samarah

  • Linda Macintyre

    Thank you for sharing the beauty of Tennessee with us through your amazing images, Denine! You are a blessing wherever you land. Safe and happy journey!
    Love Linda

  • Susan

    Sister Denine,
    Your photos evidence your love for the beauty of Tennessee. Thank you for sharing your heart. Write a new chapter, girl! We’re eager to share your journey.
    Love you,

  • Betty

    What a gift you have been to me and the Sacred Sisters. We shall miss you dearly and look forward to your returun. Shine on wherever
    you are.

  • Fran

    What beautiful photos! I can feel some of the magic you felt during your time in the Great Smokies. (I finally got on your blog email list.)

    See you next time you come back to Maui. And happy journeys always.
    Aloha, Fran

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