Venus Transit Rose

Rose, Guilford, CT

The Venus Transit and the Realms of Light are pouring down pure Love for humanity’s evolution.  Take a few minutes to come into the center of your Being, and breathe into your heart.  As you gaze at the many layers of this Rose’s compassionate petals, feel this Light enter your crown, your 3rd eye…invite the Light to infuse your heart…..set your intention for your entire auric field to be reconfigured for your highest good.  When you feel complete, go forth, and look for every opportunity to stand anew, grounding this Field of Light in the World!

In Lak’ech*   –   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

Rosa Rugosa

– In honor of the Venus Transit, we have a White Rosa Rugosa flower essence.  She has this to say:  “I AM the pure Light of God, infusing your heart and radiating Light through you to the World”.  (Thank you to my dear friend Joey for sharing this organic beauty from her Guilford, CT garden.)  This Rosa Rugosa holds you strong in your intention to be a beacon of light.  Of particular benefit for those who wish to send love into the world from a balanced place, without depletion.  To receive a bottle of this essence, contact Denine.  ($15- includes domestic postage)

4 comments to Venus Transit Rose

  • Glorious..I will breathe her essence as I travel to Colorado and the Garden of the Gods…thank you..

  • Denine

    Have a wonderful journey and time in Colorado. Looking forward to catching up with you after. Love, Denine

  • carol loizeaux

    The picture of this fabulous rose was so clear and wonderful I could smell the fragrance as if it

    was right in my own yard. Thank you for sharing it’s beauty. And a BIG welcome home. May this

    part of your life trip be all you wish it to be until you find your next calling. Love Carol

  • Denine

    Thank you, Carol, and LOVE to you!

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