Dog Days Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush, Maryville, TN

The Dog Days start early down in TN; at least in terms of hot days.  As the temperatures topped 100 degrees in the final days of May, just before my move to CT, my Guides asked me to make Butterfly Bush flower essence there before departure.  This is the bloom from my garden that asked to create the mix, and she had this to say:  “I AM transformation of all pain into the Light of Truth.”

I felt to hold off writing about her until now.  Now, as the full energies of Sirius are about to come to us, she would like to offer her gifts.  Butterfly Bush blooms are like a magnet for butterflies and moths.  Every one of her spires has been covered with butterfly kisses, and therefore, the flower soaks in the additional blessing of the butterflies’ ability to transform.   Take her up as a torch of the Violet Transmuting Flame….visualize this cleansing ~ transmuting flame moving from your feet, completely through your entire body, and all through the immediate space around your body.

In Lak’ech*- Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– Want to work directly with this Butterfly Bush flower essence?  Email me.  ($15/bottle; includes postage to US, Canada or Europe).  During this Mercury retrograde period, let her help you rewrite your inner story and beliefs, from your spirit’s perspective.  Today, not only did Mercury turn retrograde, but we were hit with the solar wind from an X class solar flare.  These energies invite, support (and yes, occasionally demand) a new paradigm.  Have writer’s block on rewriting your story?  Email Denine to set up a phone session.  ($50 for 30 minutes) 

 – The exercise above, using the Violet Transmuting Flame, is an excellent energy cleanser:  use it whenever you feel like a good smudge, but can’t burn some sage at that place or time.

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