Honoring Red, White and Blue…

Red Day Lily, Indian Neck, CT

For the occasion of celebrating the 4th of July, and regardless of your nationality, we have a Dose of Red, White and Blue.  Brave Red Day Lily comes with a starburst of firework color.  He is followed by…

Wild White Thorn Bush, Guilford, CT

white wild thorn bush flower, a sweet warrior of a flower that knows how to endure all things and remember original purity…and finally

Larkspur, Indian Neck, CT

blue Larkspur, with the knowing of how to hold clarity of a mission in steadfast honor.  Let the red, white and blue energies of these flowers draw us deeply into our heart….to find and honor the original integrity of the Declaration of Independence and the intentions of America’s founding fathers – and mothers.  As you gaze at the faces of these flowers, let the ideals of freedom of speech, the pursuit of happiness and unalienable rights for ALL flow through you, and ignite every cell in your body with their truth.

In Lak’ech*  –  Denine

*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”

– Want community to further your inspiration with doing something that feeds your passion in pursuit of ideals like this?  Visit www.thrivemovement.com and spend a few minutes exploring.  Watch the free download of the movie “Thrive”, if you haven’t already.   Happy 4th of July Freedom to Every One.

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