Apachete Awakening

Tigh Shee Center Apachete, Ontario

As we continue to pass through the nadir of the extreme chaos energies of transformation, Apachetes are a wonderful way to create stability on your property and enjoy communion with Mother Earth and the Elements.  As this period continues over the next few years, you can continue to ground the energies into more coherent form through your Apachete:  both internally and externally in the World.

Cleo, Master Apachete Builder

Cleo shows you how to start:  gather rocks that speak to you, and connect your energy to them.  Arrange them in whatever patterns feel right to you on the spot to which you are drawn intuitively.  Trust this inner knowing; it is always True for You.

Fairy Ring Apachete, Tigh Shee Center

From time to time you might want to spend time at your apachete in meditation, to burn sage and perform rituals for yourself or others, or to place a blessing of a flower, a feather or other meaningful object.  Your love and communication exchange with the Apachete gives you a visible symbol of your connectedness to the Earth and all her Beings through its natural connection to the Earth Grid.

In Lak’ech*  –  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– Want to read more about Apachetes and see more pictures?  Go to www.EvolutionaryProcess.com and click on the “Apachete” button on the home page.

– The above Apachetes were made today at the Tigh Shee Garden and Retreat Center, Lancaster Heights, Ontario, Canada.  Go to www.roadsigns.ca to see more about Betty and Jim’s beautiful garden & retreat center and the programs and products they offer to enhance your life.  Goddess Camp starts tomorrow!




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  • Janet

    Wow Denine you are always right on time! This will be a great addition for me. I turned 60 on 8/20 and had a wonderful day, yet very emotional. We had “Smarty’s ashes on top of the refrigerator for 3 years. My psychic friend Tyger called me out of the blue for boyfriend advise…me hah…and said that we just had to put Smarty into the ground, his spirit needs it and he is freezing. The fridge would make knocking noise nightly and Kelena and joked that it was Smarty. and guess what?! We took his ashes down and no more noise!! What a confirmation from the universe. It has been a ‘rocky’ week for me and the Apachete will surely help ground me.
    Love and Miss You Janet

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