Blue Moon Walk

Tigh Shee Labyrinth, Glengarry, ON

Enter the labyrinth on this Blue Moon.  As you walk slowly feeling the ground beneath you, supporting your every step, contemplate what has come to fullness in you on this Full Moon….

Pink Anenome Flower Essence, ON

As you arrive in the center on this Full Moon in Pisces, spend some time with the Water Element.  Let Anenome’s pink petals inspire you to be compassionate with the water in your own body….imagine the Light charging each particle of water in your body, even as you let your loving acceptance permeate every cell.  Rest here until you have achieved this, and stand poised in your new vibrational reality.

Tigh Shee Gardens Arch, ON

Now you are ready to move out through the archway and into the World.  The energy will be moving very rapidly in these next few weeks.  Return to the labyrinth, the Light and the water within whenever you are needing to recalibrate, replenish or refresh.

In Lak’ech*  –  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– Tigh Shee Labyrinth and Gardens was the site of our recent Goddess Camp.  Go to to see more.  Want a new infusion of empowerment and growth?  Check out Betty Healey’s book, “Me First” and the Playbook that goes with it.

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– Feel called to work with Pink Anenome  flower essence?  Email Denine. ($15/bottle includes domestic postage)  You can read more and see a close up of beautiful Pink Anenome in my blog entry of 8/25/11.  See the archives on the right side of the home page at


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  • Denine
    Thanks for the post about the Tigh Shee gardens and Labyrinth. The energy from the apachete in the front as well as the one we built in the fairy garden have amplified the vibration of the property. Thanks for your gift of introducing us to this tool as well as the flower essence. Look forward to your next visit!

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