Rose Mallow Mellow

Red Rose Mallow, Indian Neck, CT

Swamp Rose Mallow is a member of the Hibiscus family.  Hardy enough to withstand a cold winter, she helps bring the Aloha energy North.  Rose Mallow as a flower essence helps soften hard personalities.  Given the present energy climate, we could all use a dose.  Finally out of a long, hard Mercury retrograde, everyone is anxious to move forward.  However, the energies we are presently negotiating require a near perfect alignment of spiritual integrity, or you may find things do not flow in a way that feels good.  In these next few days, we are particularly being asked to examine internally the dark corners inside where hidden agendas based on unhealthy desires for dependency or power still dwell.  Let Rose Mallow inspire you ~ she grows and blooms most happily in the dank mud of the swamp, and reminds us that out of our examination of the inner muck comes a most beautiful and spectacular bloom.

Variegated Rose Mallow, Indian Neck, CT

Spend a few moments gazing deeply into the face of  Rose Mallow…let the white call forth your impeccability….let the pink tinges invite the compassion in your heart to flow freely…and then let the deep inner red bring you the strength needed for truth telling.   Thus fortified, gaze just as deeply into your inner recesses, and ask your Guides and higher self to bring to your awareness something in your blind spot that is now calling to be illuminated.

In Lak’ech*  –  Denine

(*Mayan Greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– This window of time is a powerful opportunity to see something about yourself that has eluded you.  Something that has kept you from a more rewarding life in terms of relationship with yourself and others.  Be thorough in your self-exam.  Be true, and be kind.  Journaling is an excellent tool to use in this process.  Asking a trusted friend for feedback can sometimes be helpful in gaining clarity.  



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  • Beautiful ..both the writing and the pictures..I needed a dose of aloha today as I am missing the feeling of kindness among people…your sharing felt very generous and kind and I am filled with that beauty..thank you.

  • Janet

    Wow how beautiful and right on time. Just last night a loud thought came to me. “What can I do to be the most healthy and stand in my own truth?” Thank you for Rose Mallow’s energy.

  • Mary Lively Jamison

    Message insight and support is in perfect alignment with what I am experiencing and doing. Thank you so much. Blessings. Mary

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