Equinox Glory

Maryholme Morning Glory Trellis, ON

Today is Fall Equinox in the North, a day to ground into the center of one’s self, becoming present to the balance of this now moment.  As we pause in the middle of the wild, fast and intense energies of September, 2012, Blue Morning Glory offers her gift of vitality.  She asked to be made into a flower essence during my recent trip to Maryholme Retreat House in Roches Point, Ontario, and this morning she asked to be put forth in service.

 Blue Morning Glory says:  “I bring Refreshment for your vision.”  Like hitting the ‘refresh’ button on the computer, she brings in a fresh, clear view.  Blue Morning Glory as a flower essence is also known to bring vitality to the astral body, and in the morning after sleeping and traveling in our dreams, she refreshes us.  She supports finding the natural balance in the body’s energy, and lessens desires for too much caffeine or alcohol.  She is excellent after a night of less than restful sleep to restore a calm energy field.  She is also known to help open us to new circumstances, and much of that is happening to us on every level during the September energies, which are all about change:  taking down what no longer serves and building the new.

Blue Morning Glory, Roches Point, ON

Spend a few moments now with Blue Morning Glory.  As you gaze at her face, take a deep breath, and allow her gorgeous colors to enter your third eye and stream down through you and around you.  Imagine the spiral design on her petals acting like a gentle cosmic cleaning brush as it sweeps away negativity and energetic detritus out of your field of energy….leaving you refreshed, sparkling and feeling present and ready for your Equinox moment.

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– Want to work with Blue Morning Glory Flower Essence directly?  Email me; $15 bottle includes domestic postage.

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  • Diana Frew


    I am looking forward to your visit to Townsend, TN! We just moved back to the area after 30 years away and have met some amazing friends in Laurel Valley.


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