Water Lily Waters

Lake Hortonia, Vermont

As the Adirondacks glimmer in the distance, enjoy an early morning in late summer at the lake.   Come down the hill, and step into the canoe with me and my friend Sara…

Lake Hortonia, VT

Enjoy the dip of your paddle in the smooth waters….stop and visit with the rocks along the shore…see what shapes and forms the Elementals take for you in our rock friends this morning…or perhaps they are channeling a Gallactic message for you on this still morning.

Hemlock Trees & Rocks, Lake Hortonia

As we paddle to the end of the lake, we move into an inlet full of White Water Lilies…

White Water Lily, Lake Hortonia

This particular blossom asked to be made into a flower essence.  She had this to say:  “I awaken the power of purity within.  When you reclaim purity of body, mind and soul, you can once again hear the true music of your own knowing, and taste the richness of your own Truth.”  Spend a few moments here receiving your own message from Water Lily.  She is a manifest miracle ~ like You.  Rising from the rich muck of the lake bottom on her slender stem, framed by her green floating leaves, she rises in her pristine optimism of the certainty of our divinity.

Rainbow over Lake Hortonia, VT

Back on shore, we watch a storm move across the lake, and as it passes, the rainbow comes to bless All, and infuse our White Water Lily essence with her colors and energy.  Blessed Be….

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan Greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

–  Want to work with this White Water Lily Flower Essence directly?  Email me. ($10/bottle if picked up; $15 includes domestic postage).

–  Strong, sometimes volatile energies continue to buffet us for the month of September.  All water lily essences also offer great support to the emotional body through interaction with one’s auric field.   Want further support toward achieving increased contact with your own inner purity and grounding this balanced power of female/male harmony?  Contact Denine for a  phone session. ($50 per half hour session).  She and her Guides will join with you to patch you in to the 5th Dimensional energies now available to us.  




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