Hurricane Moon

Monkshood, Guilford, CT

Monkshood, also known as Wolf’s Bane, will bring a rapid death in high doses.  Ayurvedic healers use it in a special preparation in very small doses medicinally.  As Hurricane Sandy moves slowly up the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., with a 400-mile wide span of tropical winds, she will arrive in the Northeast in union with the Full Moon in Taurus.  As powerful storm surges cleanse our Earth, let us hold ourselves in the upright balance of Monkshood, allowing the deep blue to draw forth the knowing of our inner vision that there is deep medicine afoot in all of this.

Indian Neck marsh apachete, CT

Two weeks ago, I was guided by Spirit to place another Apachete at the edge of the marsh I am living on.  She holds many pink granite rocks from this area of shoreline CT, as well as rocks, shells and bark from many other sacred places.  They join together to create a unified field of harmony with the Earth and the Elements.  Additionally, on the day I opened it, I placed the blessing of a very late blooming sprig of Honeysuckle and a White Rose, as well as a swan’s feather, holding the intentions of harmony and stability for this place.  The next high tides will wash waters from the Branford River across her face…

Great Smoky Mtns rock face, TN

Spend a few moments gazing at the beautiful, peaceful face on this rock….breathe deeply, and feel your deep root connection to Mother Earth….sink into the crystalline grid of our Earth…feel this essential, centering stability that exists here, and in loving appreciation let it fill you, and radiate out to all the places it is so needed at this time.  As you do this in these next hours and days, you create peace within and offer a great loving service to all beings, as we are going through this huge planetary shift.  Ask Monkshood to help you hold your vision of our loving and powerful transformation in these great waves of change.

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– Can you help offer greater stability during these momentous Earth events in the coming days and months?  Yes, you can!  Build an Apachete (or more than 1!), and place your prayers for stability and harmony within it.  See more on how to build and open an Apachete  on the home page of     Hit the “Apachete” button at the top of the page.  Also, I have a brief video “Apachete Appeal” posted on my U-Tube page, speaking more about these energies.  If you are somewhere I can get to, I am happy to come build an Apachete with you; just contact me.  

– On a personal note for those of you asking, I will be sheltering with good friends for a few days in Guilford, CT; while the waters are surging under my little house on stilts.  (Cleansing, from the bottom up…)    XXOO – d 


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  • Powerful! Mahalo as always! Looking forward to your coming visit to Maui!

  • carol loizeaux

    So glad you are going to be in a safe place. Thank you for that beautiful Monkshood. Gazing at it was so calming I created a Apachete with you at a workshop in Guilford just before you left for Maui, and time does fly. Be Well.

  • AS Sany heads north with her winds and rain I am connecting to the enrgetic grid of the apechetas we have placed on our property Tigh Shee, with a large dome of healing light above our property and neighbourhood. Thanks for the reminder – our apechetas are singing together in the voice of the calm to follow the storm.

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