Libra Leaves

Branford Green Maple Tree, CT

We are at a time of changing color.  Tomorrow is the New Moon in Libra.  This moon is supporting honor and equity in all relationships.  All the challenging aspects of the last several months regarding relationships will have wrought some lessons that, if learned, can now be assimilated into a new harmony.

Chatfield Hollow State Park, CT

Gaze into the mirror of your inner reflecting pool to find the place of balanced harmony that IS within you.  Return to this place every day, with a breath of gratitude for all that has brought you to this deep place.

Swan, Pine Orchard, CT

As we move forward on the ripples of energy from the 10~10 portal, and the blessings of equity in this Libra New Moon, pause a moment to marvel over this year’s swan as he displays his new white plumage, mixing beautifully with the last remnants of his childhood grey plumage:  Swan, a symbol of true beauty and the power of the Self, showing us our deep capacity for change.

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– This Dose is dedicated to my daughter Shannon.  She is an inspiration to me as someone who holds a strong vision of equity for our World. 

– The new EP 1 class for Bodyworkers is being held in Branford, CT; Fri 11/2 – Sun 11/4.  Tuition $450 (For repeats: $333).  Learn to work with the self-correcting motility in the water of the body for gentle yet powerful results, and spend a weekend steeping in support and high vibrations while you’re doing it.

– To see this swan and his family when he was younger, and for more on swan medicine, refer back to the 7/26/12 Dose.

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