11/11 Portal of 2012

Guilford Green trees, CT

The morning after the passage of Sandy through the Northeast, thousands of trees were found to be downed, along with a long list of other damages.  As she approached landfall, there was a 7.7 magnitude earthquake off Alaska.  The US seemed bookended between these two powerful surges of Earth energy, even as the extreme polarity between our political parties erupted to new levels with the coming of the presidential election.

Long Island Sound, CT

A few days later found the new electromagnetic codes from Sandy fully integrated through the now calm waters on the coast.   Take a few moments to look at the Light on the water and take in this new vibration….breathe deeply, and allow your  inner water to find its new place of harmony.

Two more days after that, and another wave of energy brought snow.  After going out to shovel the morning after, I found my front door Goddess had worked with the wind and the snow to create a beautiful hat and shawl.

Snow Goddess, Indian Neck, CT

As the Love and Compassion from the higher realms rains down on us through the portal of 11-11, let this peaceful, powerful Goddess be our model for drawing this energy through us and creating harmony despite the extremes of these times.  There are 40 days remaining until 12/21/12.  Let us stand together united as One in our peaceful center….harmonizing the extremes, even as we take in and ground beautiful new Light Codes….birthing a new Earth.

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

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2 comments to 11/11 Portal of 2012

  • deborah

    Thanks Denine for bringing these beautiful codes to us…I can really see the light codes radiating from the water…yippee.
    Namaste and blessings to all Deborah

  • Mardi

    Denine, thank you. Have you heard from the group in LV? I thought of you as we mourn our loss and celebrate one of the most loving, generous, spirited vibrant woman I’ve ever met. Betty’s joyful nature surrounds me and is reflected in those she touched. Blessings, Mardi

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