12 Days of Doses – 6

Rose of Sharon, CT

Rose of Sharon, CT

On this 6th day of the “12 Days of Doses”, Rose of Sharon comes to remind us of the sweetness of Peace.   Light a candle, and sit in stillness…return to the knowing that there is a bigger picture in all things than we can see here in our human experience.  Feel the presence of God ~ of Source Energy ~ of the Realms of Light around you, and feel the stirrings of contentment that come to a peaceful heart.  Let this be your bridge into the gentle Joy of the season.  Whether you sit by a fire with friends, or string popcorn, let Rose of Sharon sweetness fill your heart with Peace and your head with appreciation of  simple pleasures.

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– In the wake of the shootings in CT, or other wounds you may now be dealing with, do not deny yourself this return to inner Peace.  Your peaceful and compassionate heart is the gift the whole world will benefit from. 

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