Year of the Black Water Snake

Fire Pinks, Little River, TN

Fire Pinks, Little River, TN

Today, hours after the New Moon in Aquarius, dawns the Chinese New Year:  Year of the Black Water Snake.  After a strong yang (male energy) year this past Year of the Dragon, this new Year of the Snake will bring a dominant yin (feminine) energy to the fore.   The environment preferred by water snakes is similar to this part of the Little River; areas that are more calm and slow moving. Waters with a warm, peaceful holding quality are of a yin energy.  (Examples of Yang waters are rapids and waterfalls.)  Snakes have long been symbols of rebirth, resurrection and sexual energy.

Year of the Water Snake will support this inward journey we have been on since 2013 began.   This New Year has found us all steeping in the massive influx of new energies put in place leading up to, and through the end of, 2012.  Let yourself relax into the holding of your inner waters, for surely we are in a process of shedding our skins….transforming from the inside, that there will indeed be a new outside to behold.  You are the change – the change is inside You.  Fears often arise during times of inner change.  Let these fears be comforted in the knowing that this time, the process of change is supported by the new high vibrations surrounding us.  Align with them, and relax into the process.  Here is one more dose of Fire Pink to balance all the Water Energy and warm the kundalini….

Fire Pinks, GSMNP, TN

Fire Pinks, GSMNP, TN

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

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  • Loving this message and appreciating the arrival of the new moon. I am beginning my new awakening as some of the deep seated fears rise to the surface to be released. In this moment, it feels like the world around me is yawning and streteching and just beginning to be curious about our new yin energy. I see hands reaching outwrd in search of community and new awakenings. And so it is!


  • Actually now coming to the surface karmic fears and cleaned.

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