Dandelion Delight!

DandelionPut aside all preconceived ideas you may ever have had about Dandelion.  As a flower essence, he has long been known as a powerhouse energy cleanser.  These Dandelions grew within the power grid created by the apachetes on my land, and these ones opened the morning of the Full Moon in Scorpio/partial eclipse,  bathed in the Sun of Taurus energy while sitting on a powerful crystal.  Dandelion had this to say:

“I clean toxins, heavy energy residue, and eons of karmic dust from the auric field in the post-Ascension world.  You are like survivors of an energy holocaust…now needing to purify, calm and ground yourselves to create everything anew.  I support this process.  I AM Dandelion, and I AM Strength for this journey.”

Let yourself soak in the energy of Dandelion…feel it enter into your  third chakra and plant you powerfully in the ground of our new Crystalline Grid.  See it moving through your whole body and field of energy, clearing and stabilizing you.

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

– Want to work directly with this Dandelion Flower Essence?  Contact Denine, and I will send you one.  ($15 includes domestic postage).

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  • Ann

    I love this post! I love dandelions and put the ones I get from Whole Foods into green smoothies for my family on a regular basis. I have even converted a colleague to green smoothies and dandelion greens. She kept shaking her head, not believing she’s drinking dandelion greens every week. I have let dandelions bloom and flourish in both my front and backyard, to the horror of my neighbors who have pristine manicured green lawns. They like me as a neighbor and so they held their tongues. I realized that my whole property is my apachete, where my gardening is nourishing for all life on all levels. Thank you so much for this posting.

    Much love and blessings,


  • Hi Denine…Wow my instincts much like Ann have served me with this beautiful flower. We too let them grown in our yard and when we need to cut the lawns we gather them and bring them in the house to enjoy (as opposed to them getting mulched). I was not aware they can be consumed?
    In fact our 5 yr old will often bring me one as a gift and he says “mummy I did ask permission to pick it”….. it warms my heart. I did share with him at a young age that all nature is to be respected and that if we would like to enjoy a flower inside then we MUST ask if it is ok. Much Love to ALL. Namaste Deborah X

  • I am so happy to hear from others in appreciation of the Dandelion! They do add such a high vibe to the energy grid of your land – good for you Ann, I can feel your beautiful apachete.

    Deborah, the leaves are a touch bitter (like arugala) but have a lovely taste mixed in with other salad greens or added into the smoothie. I use the young leaves so they are nice and tender. They are really a super food. So sweet to hear of your 5-yr old…one of our New Earth males for sure. 🙂

    Love to you ~

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