Full Moon Datura

making Datura flower essence

making Datura flower essence

I made this Datura flower essence last week, and it has been sitting on a accelerating crystal until today, the Full Moon in Aries, partial lunar eclipse.  I took some of it for the first time this morning, and immediately had a sense of curly-q spirals of energy growing out of my feet and moving through the earth; I felt springy on my feet.  The flower spoke to me thus:  “I AM the gift of fluency ~ to be grounded without entrenchment, to hold within me the miraculous ability to be at home wherever I go and to transmit my form into the New.  Place my flower at your ear, and hear my gentle whisper that speaks to the deep knowing of Soul within you.”

Datura Plant, Indian Neck, CT

Datura Plant, Indian Neck, CT

This is the plant  from which the essence is made, with its interesting, spiny seedpod. It appeared in my garden in late summer as a surprise gift.  I had been admiring Datura plants and flowers around town in unlikely places.   I have seen them only in places that appeared inhospitable for a garden, but that nevertheless, called out for a flower.  I also recall them, in a much larger form, from my time in the Anza-Borrego Dessert in CA.  They are a flower that can thrive in a wasteland.  Traditionally, this is a flower essence known to be a mystical tool to support us in letting go of something whose time for us has passed, making it a perfect flower essence with which to work with the energy of the Fall Eclipses.  It is also known to shed clarity and light on situations that have not had any.  It is also not to be taken lightly, and is a powerful balancing agent of the chakras.  It really gets them spinning!

Datura flower, Indian Neck, CT - Oct. 2013

Datura flower, Indian Neck, CT – Oct. 2013

Spend a few moments now, gazing into the face of Datura, and open to receive whatever gift she is bringing to you…

In Lak’ech*  ~  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

Called to work with a bottle of Datura flower essence directly?  Email Denine.  ($15 includes domestic postage.)  

– Missing more frequent Doses?  “Like” the Evolutionary Process facebook page.  I am posting daily doses on Facebook and would love to connect with you there.

– A final note on Datura:  As a plant, it is poisonous, especially the seed pods.  I recommend not eating any part of a Datura plant.  The flower essence is safe to ingest, and is also available from Green Hope Farms; they have 2 versions – one made in Sunlight and one made in Moonlight.


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  • Mardi

    Denine, thank you for sharing your insight and this beautiful flower which reminds me of the petals of the large morning glory. Mine is brilliant blue with a spot of pinkish red at the edge of its creases for which I give thanks to for illuminating the way for travelers on the river. Heading out to view the moon with the sisters in Townsend. Peace, mardi

  • Thanks for sharing, Mardi – Many blessings and hugs to you and all the Townsend sisters!
    XO ~ Denine

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