Water Blessing Apachete, Naples, FL

Water Blessing Apachete, Naples, FL


My dear friend Terry and I went to the ocean on the Gulf Coast in Naples, FL and made an Apachete* in honor of our Earth’s Waters.  It was uploaded with great Love and Appreciation:  from humans, from the birds, the flowers, the growing things, and All that which receives its substance and sustenance from Water.

We then placed this Blessing into the waters of the Gulf ~ immediately a fleet of Sandpipers flew by and a Dolphin rushed in to us at the shore.  The birds and the Dolphin took the energy with them… spreading it through and over the Water.

Today, or whenever you read this, stop for a few moments to both give and receive the blessing of Love and Appreciation into the Waters of your body, and the Waters around you.

We are all aware of the great challenges present today to the Waters of the Earth, and to the Waters of our physical bodies.  Since all Water vibrates with our point of focus, it is vital to frequently bring our attention UP to the vibration of love and appreciation as we contemplate our Water…even (and especially!)  if we are someone guided to act as a warrior in the world to create cleaner water and environment.

In Lak’ech ~ Denine

(Mayan greeting:  “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

-*Never heard of an Apachete?  Click on the ‘Apachete’ button at the top of the homepage at to read about it, and see more pictures of Apachetes.

– Want to read and see more about the research and phenomena of thought and emotion affecting Water?  Read about Dr. Emoto’s work with water.

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