IMG_1237The Huichol Indians of Mexico built pyramids of rocks on the earth and believed this allowed them to communicate through her with their brothers and sisters in neighboring communities. They believed that all the apachetes were connected one to the other through the ley lines (energetic grid) of the earth. What a lovely message, I thought, when I first encountered this information on retreat in Mexico: all of us connected through the Unified Field of our Earth.

May Day Brother Tree Apachete, Arizona


I came home with a plan to build an apachete at my home in CT, while two new-found friends from the retreat were planning to build apachetes at their homes in IL and PA. We emailed over the winter as we considered building sites and collected rocks. We planned to “open” the 3 apachetes simultaneously on the summer solstice. On Solstice Day, I gathered with another friend who was visiting from NJ, and we decorated my apachete with honeysuckle and other flowers from my June garden, doused it with flower essence and lit some sage. It had rained hard earlier that morning but was then very still. I threw the smoking sage into the center of the apachete. Despite the wet ground, curls of smoke continued magically to drift up, making the whole thing look like an enchanted flower-covered volcano. We said some prayers and with our heartfelt intention, ”opened” the apachete. We felt waves of wonderful energy rippling up the yard from the spot. I emailed my IL and PA friends, and they responded with pictures and stories of their own openings.

Princess Spot Apachete, Cape Cod

Since then I have built many an apachete, on my own and in groups.  They are all unique and always deeply beautiful to me. At a class I taught in Wilmington, NC we built one entirely of seashells and pine cones. On vacation in St. Kitts one Christmas, I built one of beach debris and coral. In April 2008, I drove my car from CT to CA to ship it over for my move to Maui. Like a “Johnny-Apachete-Seed”, I built apachetes all along the way! They can be small or big, made of whatever the environment has to offer, or whatever moves you. They are portals and alters of love and re-balancing for ourselves, the Earth and each other.

Rebalance the chakras flower apachete

Like any long-standing relationship of true love between soul mates, there need only be a prayer of gratitude, of forgiveness, of your heartfelt connection, to start, and further, the healing and rebalancing so needed at this time for humanity’s relationship to the Earth.

After building apachetes for a few years, my attraction to flowers led to building “flower apachetes”. This is a picture of one done to rebalance the chakra system in the body.

8/8/08 Flower Apachete

I had previously benefited from the use of flower essences, and flower apachetes allowed me partake directly of the beauty, energetic support and love that flowers offer. This inspired me to create them as alters for gatherings and sacred events. This first was done for a gathering on 8/08/08 in Maui.

The Wounded Feminine is Transformed

This is a tree sculpture apachete that I call “The Wounded Feminine is Transformed.” This is a place to bring whatever item(s) of wounded feminine energy one is ready to offer up for transformation.

As we allow ourselves to interact and play with the Elements, the Earth, the Sky and All That Is, magical healing and emerging of our inner divine Self can occur.

If you build an apachete and have a picture or a story you wish to share, please email me at: deninesavage@gmail.com.  Please know that anyone can build and open an apachete:  your intention will make it so.  Giving form to an apachete gives back a thank you to Mother Earth and will then draw more gifts back again to you.  Be part of the infinite flow.

WANT TO HOLD AN APACHETE GATHERING AT YOUR HOUSE?  Invite your friends over, have each one bring a rock, crystal or other object from nature to place in your apachete.  Gather the rocks you wish to use. Denine will give a short talk about apachetes and lead a meditation.  Experience the power and magic of building, opening, and blessing your apachete together.  (Offering: $15 per attendee)