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EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS™ (“EP”) BODYWORK CLASSES                                  

 EP1 & EP2

Level 1 and Level 2 classes for healers of all walks to learn hand skills in a synergy of physical and energetic technique.  Work in the “Evolutionary Plane”, the fluid medium of the body, accessing the waves of self-correcting motility therein.  The Water Element of the body is our transport system for the vibration of energy, distributing everything throughout our body.

Utilize  protocols and techniques to enhance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of yourself and those you work with. EP protocols especially harmonize the Yin and Yang (the male and female energies) within you, restore connection where there have been blocks to a higher vibration, and create deep release in body structure and tissue, without force.  Utilize EP techniques, and feel the Joy of working in a highly-vibrating Field of Energy, as well as offering excellent service to your clientele with non-invasive, gentle methodology.

Evolutionary Process™ (EP) refers to the process that is underway both within us and around us:  the process of enhancing Flow in the body and the ongoing integration of higher vibrating energy through our fields and our bodies.

This requires a journey of releasing or transmuting denser energies. Old beliefs that no longer serve us need to be reframed. Old wounds need to be fully embraced for healing and transformation.  Old scars and blocks need to be freed.   The goal is to be able to tap into more pure, positive Source energy, integrate it within us and ground it for a more joyous and healthy life on every level.

EP™ bodywork is a powerful way to facilitate, ease and support this process.

* Learn & further advanced hand skills while working in the Evolutionary Plane, where differentiation of tissues occurs, and our own self-healing abilities are present in the form of waves in the fluid medium of the body.
* Learn to use your hands off the body in order to facilitate reception of pure, positive Source energy into the electro-magnetic field of the body & into acupoints for distribution through the meridian flows of the body.  Connect to larger crystalline energy fields that infuse wellbeing.
* Learn to find and release “other energies” from the body, allowing improved energy flow and facilitating greatly enhanced response to treatments.                                                                                    * Learn to use Acupressure in the Evolutionary Plane.                                                                                 * Free up the Sympathetic Nerves, performing a protocol to improve flow and balance of the Autonomic Nervous System, and create a new set point of relaxed balance for the entire nervous system.                                                                                                                                                                    * Perform a Thymus Activation Formula for promotion of  heart-centered balance and health.           * Promote the flow of energy, blood, lymph, etc. for increased heart-centered living, health and well-being.

EP 1 – Day 1
* Introduction to Evolutionary Process™ and guided meditation for connection with the Crystalline Grid.

* Learn to work within the fluid medium of the Evolutionary Plane.

* Work with EP Energy Structures and self-correcting motilities to further assist tissue differentiation and healing.

* Release “other energies” out of the body and learn ways to integrate Ancestral or Past Life Energies.  Learn how to clear Emotional Energy blocks through resonance within the fluid of the body.

* Bring in pure, positive Source energy through the body’s field to further healing and wellbeing.

EP 1 – Day 2
* Guided meditation for connection with the “GPS of the Heart”.

*The autonomic nervous system (“ANS”): the sympathetic and parasympathetic chains – lecture.

* Free up the sympathetic and parasympathetic chains – lab.

* “Protocol for improved flow and balance of ANS” – lecture, demo, lab.

* Facilitate the support of pure, positive Source energy throughout, including healthy, balanced and free Vagus Nerve motility and connection to the viscera

EP 1 – Day 3
* Guided meditation for connection with higher dimensional energy.

* “Thymus Activation Formula” – lecture and lab.

* “Door of the Heart” Clearing techniques – lecture and lab.

* Amplifying the energy flow in the great central flow of the body via Source energy.

* Summary and integration of techniques.  Closing.

TUITION for EP 1:  $495.

Pre-Requisite recommended for EP1:
Since you will be learning more advanced hand skills, it is recommended that you have taken at least one class in some aspect of hands-on bodywork or energy work previous to taking Evolutionary Process™.

EP 2

EP 2:  Day 1

* Learn a protocol called “Healing the Pelvic Heart of a Woman“.  This protocol is for men and women as it powerfully addresses healing our yin (female) energy through the Penetrating Vessel Meridian.
* Advance your skill of working within the evolutionary plane, improving & balancing flow, recognizing and integrating other energies, and removing them where appropriate,  working in the electromagnetic field around the body and bringing in higher dimensional healing energy.
* We will learn to work with and realign “energy plates” within the body to receive and distribute powerful, healing flows of energy through joints and throughout the body.

EP 2:  Day 2

* “Elevation of Hope” - This beautiful protocol begins a deep healing potential of our yang (male) energy and actualizes our experience and interaction with the world from this more joyous perspective.

* “Balancing our Male and Female Aspects” – A wonderfully centering experience of  bringing the male and female energies into a new harmony of balance.

EP 2:  Day 3

* “Unification of Heart and Head”
Having experienced the openings of the previous protocols, this one provides a deeper integration of the Yin & Yang within us. It will expand the Third Eye, sometimes quite powerfully, and for some, there will be a noticeable change in heart motility as Peace and Balance are achieved at a new level in their own Evolutionary Process.

Host an EP 1 or 2 level class: Gather a group of at least 4 other people, and Denine will come to you and teach your group. (Tuition for 1 sponsor is discounted by 50%.)


Gather with other EP practitioners ~ meditate, refine and learn new skills. Lots of lab time to both give and receive EP treatment.   Clinic Days have a specialized focus, to learn advanced EP work in particular areas of interest, and provide a chance to work in a small group hands on for enhanced perception.  Contact Denine if interested in knowing about the next scheduled EP Clinic Day.

RETREATS:  Private and small group retreats are custom-designed.  Contact Denine to discuss.